The Need

5594547919_f9ede2841b_zGirls’ education faces many challenges in Kenya, particularly in remote areas like Enoosaen. In addition to changing the paradigm for girls’ education at the policy level in Kenya, Kakenya Center is making significant progress at the grassroots level to address critical challenges facing our girls:

Early Marriage:

25% of all Kenyan girls younger than 15 years old are married. The Maasai community has one of the highest rates of child marriage – 90% of young girls are married.

Early Childbirth:

Since the age of marriage is as low as 8 or 9 years old in some regions, many girls become pregnant at very young ages and die during childbirth.

Lack of Health Education:

Most girls know very little about their bodies and their health and have no opportunity for sex education before they are circumcised in preparation for marriage.

Understanding Legal Rights:

Although Kenya has passed a law prohibiting female genital mutilation, centuries-old customs remain strong and in place in remote and rural villages.

Obstacles to Economic Independence:

Early marriage and childbirth and the lack of educational opportunity are key obstacles to leadership and economic independence for rural girls in Kenya.