Holiday Camp – creating strong, healthy girls that know their rights

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Dear Friends,

I am excited to share this update with you on our recent health and leadership camp for 150 sixth graders during our spring school recess. Now in its 6th year, the program has not only earned a solid reputation as an effective youth training among neighboring school leaders, but is highly sought after by the teens themselves. Nothing says success more than a teen clamoring to join an education activity!


Our “student” counselors arrived ahead of camp for a day of training to prepare for their important role on the front lines of our camps: helping campers navigate our campus, facilitating reflection time and spearheading games and events during downtime. Most of our counselors are current high school students who have graduated from our boarding school. Our counselors have personal experience in learning about health and leadership through our boarding school and participating in our camps. They take these young campers under their wings and create a supportive bond.

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As usual, our camp sessions covered tough issues ranging from harassment and gender based violence to legal rights on child marriage and FGM. We know that girls armed with accurate information about their bodies and sexual health will be better prepared to make safe and informed decisions in the future. We ensure that our health education program presents information in a direct and straightforward way. Our campers benefit from small group and individual counseling sessions that provide them with a safe space to voice their feelings, questions and concerns. This open communication allows girls to seek help for some of the serious problems they are facing and helps us to gauge the greatest needs of adolescent girls in the community.

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Of course, our Health and Leadership camp also included down time where girls had the opportunity to let loose and have fun with their peers. Soccer, races, games, storytelling and art projects were just some of the highlights.These camps are one of the most exciting, effective, and fun elements of our program that also delivers vital information at a time when adolescent girls are most likely to be married off or forced to undergo FGM.

Thank you for partnering with us on our Health and Leadership camps which enable us to spread messages of hope and share vital information at a critical time.

Kakenya Ntaiya, PhD
Founder & President, Kakenya Center for Excellence