Our Approach

421748_10150454861041116_1313877828_nIn order to address the pressing needs of the Masaai community, we feel that it is essential to start with the girls themselves.

Dr. Ntaiya serves as a model to her community for the change that can occur when a woman is empowered and given the opportunity for an education.  As the first female from Enoosaen to leave the village to pursue higher education outside of the community, she promised to use her education to benefit the village.  She came back to her community to make it a better place and to benefit the rest of the community members by building an exemplary primary boarding school for girls. Since its inception, Kakenya Center is making significant progress at the grassroots level to address critical challenges facing our girls:

KCE Boarding School:

100% of our girls have avoided mutilation, early marriage and early childbirth as a result of our program and signed agreements with parents.

Campus Tours:

All of our classes remain small with an average of 35 students per class, compared to 78 in neighboring schools.

Health & Leadership Training Program:

As part of our community programming, 600+ girls from 41 other schools have gained critical life skills and information about their rights, their bodies, and their potnential.

Demonstration Farm:

Since 2009, 192 girls in grades 4-9  have received life-altering education and leadership training through our  boarding school and Network for Excellence program

Beyond the Classroom:

During their five years at Kakenya Center for Excellence, our first class of girls’ scores increased by 42% as a result of our program.

Network for Excellence:

In 2013, Kakenya Center for Excellence 8th grade girls placed fourth out of 526 schools in the county on their national exams.

Community Outreach Programs:

Significant anecdotal evidence shows that community members, male leaders and parents are changing their attitudes about girls’ education as evidenced by the heavy demand for entry to our boarding school and leadership camps.