Beyond the Classroom

Field Trips

Our girls rode a boat to visit the Rusinga Island for the first time in their lives.

Kakenya Center is committed to enriching our girls’ academic experiences with opportunities outside the classroom.

Field Trips

Whether our girls are heading to a nearby business, or venturing to a national wildlife preserve, our field trips open our students to new perspectives, expanding their awareness of the larger community, and letting them connect the dots between the classroom and real life experiences.

Every year our 8th graders participate in a five day trip to Nairobi to visit the cultural and historic sites of the Kenyan capital. This trip often includes visits to the National Archives, Parliament, National Museums of Kenya, and Nairobi National Park. The trip is always one of  discovery and excitement for each and every student. As our 8th graders prepare to leave KCE for secondary school, trips such as this challenge them to interact with people from different backgrounds and engage in new surroundings.




Playing on campus.

Like their counterparts around the world, our girls love to run, jump, play, and compete! The daily athletic program at Kakenya Center creates a space for the girls to use their energy in a healthy way, learn new skills, enjoy competition, become strong and feel good about their bodies and physical abilities. Activities include long-distance running, soccer, volleyball and other games. We have competitive school teams in soccer, net-ball, volleyball, and running, and the school always has a  strong showing in the primary school games that are held every March and July.

Student Organizations

When classes are finished for the day, the girls get a chance to spread their wings and enjoy a variety of girl-centered activities, including Scouts, 4K-Club, Debate and Christian Religion.