Health & Leadership Training


Girls dancing traditional Masaai dance at the Health & Leadership camp.

As part of our community programming, 1,600 adolescents  from 50 neighboring  schools have been trained through our Health and Leadership Training Program.

Kakenya Center is committed to providing resources to every girl in the surrounding community.

In  2011, Kakenya Center launched our Health and Leadership training program to provide girls at risk with important health information and leadership skills training. This program allows us to not only enhance the educational experiences of the girls in our classrooms, but also to reach girls outside the boarding school with critical information at a time when they are at risk of undergoing FGM and early forced marriage

For the past four  years during academic holidays, we have hosted biannual trainings for girls in grades 6 and 7 on our campus.  Students from schools in the surrounding area participate in these week long trainings alongside our KCE Boarding School students.  We encourage the girls to leave their comfort zone of friends from their own school and community and make new friends, creating peer mentorship relationships among girls that continue after the duration of the training. These week long camps are designed to meet several objectives: to increase girls’ knowledge about health and leadership related skills; to give girls in the community access to the fun and inspiring educational resources available at Kakenya Center; to foster long-term mentorship relationships between Kakenya Center students and girls in the community; to further disseminate our students’ skills and knowledge; and to empower and motivate young girls in our community to achieve their full potential.

To give the girls the best possible experience, we partner with skilled trainers to lead instructional sessions on a variety of topics including self esteem, FGM and its consequences, early marriage, sexuality, public speaking, career building, STIs,menstruation and self-defense.

Program Expansion:  In June 2014, we expanded this program to provide monthly weekend trainings on the campuses of neighboring schools.  These weekend trainings now also include a training for boys.  Trainers stress the importance of  boys joining with girls  in becoming a new generation of leaders that stand together on the principle of education for all and that protects the rights of children everywhere.  By the end of 2015, we  estimate to reach 3,000+ girls and boys from surrounding schools in these weekend trainings.