Network for Excellence


Our future change-makers.

Kakenya Center for Excellence  is proud to have 100% of our alumnae currently enrolled in high schools around the county.  Our Network for Excellence program provides continued support and guidance for these hard working and dedicated alumnae.

The purpose of the Network for Excellence is threefold:

  • To track our girls’ progress throughout high school and, in doing so, collect meaningful data to help us improve our Boarding School program and measure the effectiveness of our current program;
  • To provide mentoring support for the girls as they confront new challenges as high school students, including academic and social support resources as well as career development guidance;
  • To maintain the girls’ connection and relationship with upcoming graduate classes at KCE, enlisting this network of alumnae to serve as mentors and counselors in our training camps and other KCE programs.


The Network for Excellence is designed to focus on issues that girls will confront as high school students. It focuses on ongoing leadership skills training, advanced study skills, career development strategies, and goal setting. We also address adolescent social pressures , and continue education about sexuality, relationships, and peer pressure.

During the health and leadership training in our holiday camp.

During the health and leadership training in our holiday camp.

The mentoring aspect of the program entails both continued support for KCE graduates as they progress through high school as well as their development as mentors to younger girls attending KCE Boarding School.

The costs associated with attending high school in Kenya are a strain for many families and simply impossible for some to manage. As a key support to the most needy girls, we offer KCE scholarships, both whole and partial, for girls whose families are unable to cover the costs of their daughters’ ongoing education.

The Network for Excellence is an essential program that enables us to continue supporting our students as they leave the walls of our Boarding School and begin to pursue their dreams in a new setting. As each new group of KCE girls completes 8th grade and advances to secondary education, this Network will spread to more and more regions around the country, further expanding the impact of our empowerment work.