Academic Reports

5036628930_43cd4044c7In 2014 our very first class of girls graduated from KCE.  As they now enter their second year of high school, 100% are prospering and continue to  serve as mentors to our primary students.   When these girls began at KCE, their average reading level was at grade 2 and their exam scores were well below district average. At the end of 2012, these girls placed second out of 133 schools from the surrounding district in Mathematics, English, Swahili, Social Studies, and Science. We are very proud of our inaugural class of girls’ achievements.

This January, all 26 8th graders graduated from KCE and are beginning their higschool career.  We are eager to see what 2015 has in store for them and look forward to their return to the KCE campus during holiday break!