Change Makers

caro2 Counselor Caro
Counselor Caro, as she is known, is currently providing support for a total of 50 rescued girls, who she places in 5 different primary and secondary boarding schools. Read more.
miriam2 Miriam
Miriam is one of Counselor Caro’s rescued girls. She is a lively, athletic sixteen-year-old, but her journey to becoming the confident person she is today has been a difficult one. Read more.
Masake1 Mwalimu Masake
As the head teacher at Nkararo Primary public school, Simon K. Masake is a community leader and staunch advocate for changing the oppressive Maasai traditions towards girls. Read more.
 eleanor3 Elinore
Elinore* is a high ranking nurse at the district hospital. She has spent 20 years in the nursing profession, working at two separate institutions in Kilgoris. Read more.

*Elinore specifically requested that I refrain from identifying her by name, because she was concerned about speaking on record as a hospital employee. For this reason we also excluded her face in the photo.

Helen-lg Helen
Activist Helen Rotich has become a change maker by addressing the male and youth angles of eradicating FGC. One of the most interesting misconceptions about the grip that FGC has on the Maasai is that it is driven by males, whereas the practice is perpetuated just as much or more so by women. Read more.
Paul Ole Sire
Paul Ole Sire might at first glance seem to be a patriarch steeped in tradition; he is a man with 4 wives and 24 children, after all. Yet he is perhaps one of Enoosaen’s most interesting agents of change for the oppressive cultural traditions towards female children. Read more.
Netaya-lg Netaya
Netaya is a sixteen-year-old in class 8 at Enoosaen Primary School who epitomizes the triumphs and struggles within the community’s changing attitudes towards FGM. Read more.
Rose-lg Rose
Rose, a teacher with fifteen years of experience, has always wanted to help needy girls stay in school. She does what she can, helping to put 6 girls through school and take care of them on school holidays. “I just think, if I had a lot of money, wow… I feel I am not doing enough.” Read more.
Sankale2 Father Sankale
Many have criticized the Catholic Church’s anti-FGM efforts, saying that it has been mostly silent about this issue. However, Father Sankale, a Maasai Catholic Priest who works at the Kilgoris diocese, is anything but silent, known instead for being very active against the practice of FGM in this area. Read more.