The Kakenya Center for Excellence continues to provide gender sensitive programs that educate the whole girl by implementing exceptional programs based on proven best practices. Our teachers and staff work tirelessly to ensure that our girls do well academically, emotionally, mentally and physically.

In the classroom, we have integrated leadership components in our curriculum; teaching the girls to speak up, think outside the box, and to challenge themselves and their peers. Curriculum that includes science experiments, art, spelling bees and computer labs are stretching their imaginations and critical thinking skills.

In addition, we continue to build self-esteem and confidence through activities outside the classroom. We expose all students to a diversity of ideas, people and places through fieldtrips throughout Kenya. After school sports such volleyball, running and soccer remain popular and competitive outlets for our active students.

Lastly, our graduation ceremony each December brings together our student body, teachers, parents and officials to celebrate and honor the accomplishments made by our students. The day, filled with dancing, poetry readings, a prayer service and an award ceremony showcases what girls can achieve when provided the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. As our students leave our walls for high school and beyond, they do so as empowered, confident and capable young women.