Impact in Numbers


Future leaders.

The challenges facing the girls of KCE are inextricably intertwined with the challenges facing the community at large. The opening of the school has already brought about a new level of acceptance of the importance of educating girls, which impacts attitudes and behaviors about the place of women in society and their empowerment at all levels throughout the community. A palpable energy has been generated by the school’s progress and current success.

In 2006, the chief of the village publicly declared that “girls are for marriage, so there is no need to educate them”. Today, he is a member of the Board and proud supporter of KCE.

One Maasai father captured the evolution in the parents’ thinking since the school opened: “Culturally, girls aren’t supposed to inherit anything from the family. I want, while I am alive, for my daughter to inherit an education from me.”

KCE is committed to providing gender sensitive services that educate the whole child by implementing exceptional programs based on proven best practices. We have integrated health topics into its classroom instruction, covering sexual and reproductive health and harmful practices, child marriage and female genital mutilation, HIV/AIDS, and informed decision making about their bodies and sexual relationships. Kakenya Center for Excellence demonstrates what girls are capable of when given a solid foundation in which they are fully supported.

  • Since 2009,  238 girls in grades 4-10 have received life-altering education and leadership training through  our boarding school and Network for Excellence Program.
  • 100% of our girls have avoided mutilation, early marriage and early childbirth as a result of our program and signed agreements with parents.
  • 100% of our teachers are certified and receive continuous professional development, as well as gender sensitivity training.
  • All of our classes remain small with an average of 35 students per class, compared to 78 in neighboring schools.
  • In 2015, all 26 of our graduates were accepted into high school
  • Through our Health and Leadership Training program, 1,600 adolescents from 50 neighboring schools have gained critical life skills and information about their rights, their bodies, and their potential. 
  • In 2014, a Kakenya Center for Excellence 8th grade student achieved the #1 ranking in the entire county on the national exams. 
  • 100% of our graduates now attend secondary school, with 44% attending Kenya’s most prestigous schools .
  • Significant anecdotal evidence shows that community members, male leaders and parents are changing their attitudes about girls’ education as evidenced by the heavy demand for entry to our boarding school and leadership camps.