Age 17, Grade 12 (2019)

Ann is the second youngest of 12 siblings. She and her siblings were orphaned at a young age and were raised by their aunt. Sadly, two of her eldest sisters were not able to complete their education due to financial hardship, and both were forced to marry early and drop out. Thankfully, Ann and the rest of her brothers and sisters are all in school and hope to go to college one day. Ann says it was her aunt who first heard about KCE and encouraged her to enroll. She says she is proud and very thankful to have gone to KCE. She explains that it was very difficult for her aunt to support her own children and Ann and all of her siblings, and KCE relieved some of her aunt’s financial burden by supporting Ann’s education.

Ann says that education is important to her because without it, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She hopes to use her education to get a good job that will help her support her siblings one day. Her dream is to become a software engineer after college, and she feels strongly that her former education at KCE, as well as her high school and future college education will allow her to achieve this dream.

Ann enjoys playing the keyboard at her high school and in church, and her favorite subject in school is Kiswahili. Ann’s advice to other students it to remain disciplined in their work and focused on their studies, and to stay true to themselves and what they believe.