Brenda K.

AGE 12, GRADE 6 (2018)

Brenda is proud to share her Maasai name with KCE's founder. Just like Dr. Ntaiya, she plans to work hard and someday build a school for girls in her community. Brenda lives with her parents and has four other siblings, one brother and three sisters. Like many girls in the school, her parents are also famers. Brenda is proud of how well she takes care of her family's cattle while at home. During the holidays, she wakes up every morning, early enough to milk the cows.  

As a sixth grader, she says she already knows that she has to be a doctor. She has seen many sick people in her village and wants to help them. Before joining KCE, she attended a public primary school without books, too few teachers, and too many children to fit in the classroom. She is happy that at KCE there are plenty of teachers, and they are able to give personalized attention to all of the students. Her favorite teacher is Madam Laura, who teaches Swahili, her favorite subject. It’s the first time she is learning the national language in school, together with English. Outside of class, she enjoys singing in the choir, playing soccer, and spending time with her best friend, Joy.