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Brenda N.

Age 12, Grade 6 (2019)

Before coming to KCE, Brenda lived with her father, mother, and 6 siblings. Brenda’s father is out of work, so her mother is the sole breadwinner for the family. She works at the sugar factory in town. Her husband often takes her earnings for his own use, so she was unable to afford school fees and other necessities for Brenda and her other children.

Brenda is thankful for the opportunity to be at KCE now, where her mother isn't burdened with school fees and Brenda is provided with everything she needs to thrive inside the classroom and out. Brenda says her favorite thing about KCE, in addition to the library full of books, is the sense of community and support she feels among the girls. When she has difficulty with homework or a question about a class, she loves that she can go to an older student for help.

Brenda works hard because she wants to help support her mother when she grows up as thanks for everything her mother does to ensure her and her siblings lead happy, successful lives. Brenda believes that “education is everything,” and “if you bring a girl to school, she can support the whole family one day.” Brenda’s favorite subject is English, and she hopes to be a journalist when she grows up.