AGE 15, GRADE 9 (2018)

Before coming to KCE, ninth-grade Cicilia lived with her mother, brothers, and sisters.

When her father died, her mother became the sole breadwinner for the family. Cicilia says her mother is elderly and has no source of income. “Whenever I was sent home with school fees, my mother sold a piece of land to raise money for me and my brothers' education,” she says. All of her siblings have since stopped their education because they could not afford school fees.

Out of school and with no income, her older sister married at an early age. “At least my family received some cows,” Cicilia says of the marriage, “but I could tell my sister was not happy. She would have preferred to be in school.” Cicilia is thankful for the opportunity to be at KCE, where her family isn't burdened with school fees and she is provided with everything she needs to thrive inside the classroom and out. 

Despite the many challenges she has faced, Cilicia remains hopeful that one day she will become a judge, citing one role model in particular: “I want to emulate one exemplary judge from our village who works in Mombasa. He came to build a school for orphans in Migori.”