Age 18, Grade 12 (2019)

Eunice recalls that being admitted to KCE in primary school was one of the first things she remembers that gave her hope for a brighter future. Prior to coming to KCE, her schooling was scattered and inconsistent. Her family struggled to pay school fees for her and her 6 siblings, so they were often asked to leave for months or more at a time when the family was unable to pay. The day she was admitted to KCE, Eunice says she began working harder at school than ever before so that she could grow and improve, and she soon did. Eunice was a strong, successful student at KCE throughout primary school and she continues to thrive today at a nearby high school.

Eunice says she is incredibly grateful to be a part of Kakenya’s Dream’s Network for Excellence because it connected her with a university student mentor to give her guidance in high school. She says she appreciates that her mentor is there to give her advice not only on her studies, but on personal matters like how to overcome difficult life obstacles she faces.

Outside of class, Eunice enjoys running and playing volleyball. Her favorite subjects in school are mathematics, biology and languages. After high school, she wants to attend university and become a doctor. Eunice’s advice to her peers is to always stay focused and dedicated to their studies, even in times of hardship, and they will soon see the way forward.