AGE 13, GRADE 7 (2016)

Nashipai, a quiet seventh grader, is a happy student at KCE.  At her previous school, she had a very long walk and often couldn’t pass difficult parts on the road when it rained, causing her to miss weeks of school at a time. Between her many chores, like fetching water from the river and doing dishes, and the long walk, she had very little time to study or do homework. Like many Maasai girls, Nashipai was expected to become a homemaker, with little value placed on her schoolwork.

Since being admitted to KCE, she has time to study and feels safe in the boarding school environment. She loves mathematics and is a top student; in her last exam she scored 96% out of the possible 100%. Nashipai aspires to be a brain surgeon. She has seen many people die due to inaccessible hospitals, just like the inaccessible school she once attended. Many in her community are poor and cannot afford healthcare anyways even if they make it to a hospital. For this reason, that Nashipai, when she becomes the brain surgeon, she will build a hospital for her people.  

When asked the most valuable thing she learned at KCE, Nashipai says she did not know that FGM was harmful and illegal, but now she knows that no girl should undergo the ordeal. She has also become more confident and learned about hygiene. “Other people especially girls can also learn these things if they became part of the school”, she says.  Like many girls in the school, Nashipai is happy about their new dining hall. “Before we used to eat outside and sometimes the sun was too hot or it would rain while we were eating. I want to thank the donors who helped the school build this dining hall.”