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Faith N. 

AGE 12, GRADE 6 (2019)

Faith came to Kakenya’s Dream on KCE’s enrollment day in 2016. She had heard about us and asked her father to bring her to enroll, though they could not afford any school fees. He refused, saying girls do not belong in school. Undeterred, Faith stole an egg from home, took it to the market, and exchanged it for a single pencil. After walking five miles, Faith arrived alone and in tears, clutching her pencil and her dreams with all her might.

In January of 2017, Faith began her educational journey at KCE. She sleeps in a safe dormitory, eats nutritious meals every day, and learns from teachers who truly care. Before coming to KCE, she was on a path to leave school, undergo FGM, and marry early, just like her older sisters. Today, she dreams of going to university.