Faith N. 

AGE 17, GRADE 11 (2019)

Faith was born in Ilpashire, a small village near the KCE campus. Faith’s father has two wives and 15 sons, and it is hard for a girl like Faith to access education in a boy-dominated family. Even though neither of her parents or older sisters went to school, Faith’s mother fought for her right to learn, struggling as a farmer to pay for her education. Her father has since isolated them, creating even more economic pressure.

While Faith’s sisters married as young teenagers, Faith is happy to focus on her education and pursue another path. She is grateful to her mother for this opportunity, and often spends time thinking about her future and praying for her mother. She aspires to become a teacher so she may help other children like her. She is grateful for Kakenya’s Dream’s supporters, who help support her and, by extension, her family.