AGE 12, GRADE 6 (2018)

12-year-old Faith sold eggs to buy herself a pencil for her admissions test at KCE. This angered her parents, but she is happy that she was able to get into the school. She doesn’t think she had any choice, saying about her parents, “They do not think girls should go to school.” In her remote village, very few girls go to school, the closest of which is very far away. This is bad for the girls, she explains, as they might be married off soon. She hopes someday KCE can accommodate all of these girls in the future, so they can go to school like her. 

At KCE, she is happy to have teachers and enough chairs for everyone to sit in class. Faith enjoys learning and playing with the other girls, including her best friends, Christine and Leah. She is also proud to be the fastest runner in the school; “I even defeated the grade 8 girls,” she says with a smile.