Kakenya’s Dream is committed to providing life-changing resources to every at-risk child in our community.

More than 8,000 adolescents from over 50 neighboring schools have been empowered with vital skills and knowledge through our Health and Leadership Training Program.

In 2011, we launched our Health and Leadership Trainings program to give at-risk girls vital health information, safety skills and leadership trainings. This model allowed us to not only enhance the experience of the girls at our boarding school, but to also reach vulnerable girls outside our school with critical information at the time they are at risk of undergoing FGM and child marriage. For these weeklong camps, we partner with skilled trainers to lead fun and engaging sessions on a variety of topics, including self esteem, FGM and its consequences, child marriage, sexuality, public speaking, career-building, sexual and reproductive health, menstruation and self-defense. =

In 2014, our program expanded to reach both vulnerable boys and girls at more than 50 schools in our surrounding area. In these weekend camps, trainers introduce boys to the dangers of violence against women and encourage them to join girls in becoming a new generation of leaders united to protect the rights of all children. Since 2011, we have reached more than 8,000 young boys and girls in the weekend and weeklong camps combined.

We are dedicated to continue expanding this program until every child has the information they need to make safe, healthy and empowered choices. In 2017, this includes creating a ‘train the trainer’ program to equip more educators and community leaders with the skills necessary to bring our trainings to their own community. To be a part of this life-changing project and change a child’s future, donate today!