AGE 15, GRADE 9 (2018)

Janet was orphaned at a young age and was taken in by her grandmother, along with her eight siblings. Before attending KCE, she had never attended school daily, as her old school was far away and she didn’t have any school supplies. Now, as a student at KCE, she enjoys studying and never misses classes. Her academic performance improved greatly, which makes her grandmother very happy. 

Janet loves science and social studies. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Bett, because he gives all students personalized attention. In her free time, she plays volley ball. She wants to help the school win during the county’s inter-schools competitions. She says they have the best team and have time to practice just before they go for supper every day after classes. Next year, Janet will take the national exam. She promises to score the top marks in her class and qualify for a spot in the national schools. This, she believes, will be the best way to say thank you for the opportunities given to her at KCE by Kakenya’s Dream. She hopes her success will make others want to invest in other girls’ education.