Age 13, Grade 9 (2019)

Kelly was born to a very young mother, and was raised by her grandmother. She has three siblings. Before coming to KCE, her old school left much to be desired. There were only 3 textbooks for 30 students, and school fees were expensive. Kelly says her family grandmother struggled to afford school fees before coming to KCE.

At KCE, Kelly enjoys playing football, practicing her public speaking skills, and teaching other girls what she’s learned in the Health and Leadership Training camps. Her favorite subjects in school are English and science, and she aspires to be neurosurgeon one day.

Kelly is eager about beginning her high school journey, and says she is most excited to join KCE’s Network for Excellence, where she can remain connected with the classmates she grew close with during her primary school years at KCE, and be connected with a mentor who will help her thrive in high school.