Kuza means nurturer, which makes it a perfect namesake for the The Kuza Circle.

The Kuza Circle is a group of our top supporters, each committed to nurturing the dreams of vulnerable girls by supporting one or more students’ education every year.

Members of The Kuza Circle generously give $1,250 or more each year.

Why $1,250? That’s what it takes to fully support a girl in our life-changing program each year, from tuition and textbooks to leadership training and healthcare. By giving at this level or more, Kuza Circle members are leading the way in ensuring every girl, no matter where she is born, is empowered to achieve her full potential.

In the coming year, we will offer special opportunities, communications, and other benefits to Kuza Circle members. As our top supporters, members of the Kuza Circle are invited to:

  • Meet with Kakenya if/when she is in a major city near you

  • Attend a private gathering in NYC or Washington, D.C. each year

  • Participate in an annual webinar with Kakenya to hear the latest updates and ask questions

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