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Age 13, Grade 7 (2018)

Martha is a 7th grader at KCE. Her father had 2 wives, and Martha is the youngest of 18 siblings. Her parents passed away when she was very young, so she now lives with her aunt and uncle, and their 5 children. Before attending KCE, she walked 10 miles every day to get to and from school. She struggled to find time to do homework because after the long trek, she would arrive home very late. Her family was often unable to pay her school fees, and eventually, she was asked to leave. 

When she heard about KCE, Martha knew she wanted to enroll because she believes in the power of education to change young people’s lives, including her own. Today, Martha makes the most of the opportunities at our school. She sings in the choir, plays on the volleyball team, and enjoys dancing. She appreciates the personalized attention she and her classmates receive from the teachers whenever they need extra help. Martha’s favorite subject is science, and she dreams of becoming a doctor one day to make a difference in her community.