Naomi’s journey to receive her education has not been easy. Her father has two wives and 12 children, and he opposes her education. She says, “Before coming to KCE…it took me almost 1 hour 30 minutes to walk to school. It was even worse for personal study at home in the evening, as our lamp would run out of paraffin.” 

On KCE’s first Enrollment Day, Naomi worked hard to finish her chores early, including fetching firewood and milking cows, and walked all alone to interview for admission. She was accepted and since then has excelled as a student and leader. She is proud of her accomplishments. “At KCE, I had time to study and scored high marks to secure me a place at Asumbi Girls High School.” 

In her free time, Naomi enjoys playing rugby. Her favorite subjects are biology and agriculture. She plans to be a veterinarian and hopes to inform women and girls about the importance of education in her community.