Naomi K.

AGE 15, GRADE 9 (2018)

Seventh-grader Naomi loves science and plans to be a surgeon someday. Before attending KCE, she attended a public school that was very far from her home. Since it did not have a boarding school program, she was forced to walk the long distance every day. The experience has made her appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to be in a boarding school. “I am able to get proper education for my primary level by being in a boarding school,” she says. Being able to read, write and avoid traditional practices like FGM and early marriage are some of the ways her life has changed since being part of KCE. 

She enjoys reading, playing football, singing and hanging out with her schoolmates. She says the school has taught her that dreams do come true and that Dr. Ntaiya is a good example of this for girls in the Maasai community.