AGE 16, GRADE 10 (2018)

As a 16-year-old, Naomi knows many girls who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM), dropped out of school and been married off in their teenage years. In fact, even boys in her village have dropped out of school. Seeing this happen has made Naomi treasure the rare opportunity she has to be in school. She hopes things are changing, however, and was glad that two of her friends who do not attend KCE were able to go back to school despite undergoing FGM. 

Naomi’s father is supportive of her education, encouraging her to study to attain the highest level of education she can. He was inspired to become a champion of girls' education by teachers and other parents at KCE. In school, Naomi likes mathematics, and after visiting an airport in Nairobi, she thinks she may become a pilot. She is grateful that so many people around the world support girls' education and help bring social change to her community, which creates more champions for girls like her father.