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AGE 11, GRADE 6 (2019)

Orphaned as a baby, Neema and her 12-year-old brother were raised by their grandmother, Olgirima. 62-yr-old Olgirima and her daughters, Neema’s mother included, all experienced FGM and child marriage. When Olgirima’s granddaughter Neema began attending our school, Olgirima says that thanks to Kakenya’s Dream, her perspective on these practices drastically changed. “None of my granddaughters will undergo FGM or be married off. They must all have an education and a better life than I did,” Olgirima says.

Olgirima has stood by her promise. Neema is in the 6th grade now, and since joining KCE in 2017, she has undergone significant growth and change. Once a quiet and reserved girl, she is now expressive and social, sharing her wonderful sense of humor with everyone around her. When Neema is home during the holidays and breaks from school, she enjoys helping her grandmother with her English. Since Olgirima was never able to receive an education, Neema says she’s taken it upon herself to teach her grandmother what she’s being taught at KCE, sharing everything she learns and experiences at school with her grandmother.

As a guardian who values education and supports her grandchildren, Olgirima is helping us transform the community's view of girls' education, and she is raising an incredible young girl.

Neema enjoys playing volleyball, football and helping other students with their homework in her spare time. She aspires to be a lawyer when she grows up.