100% of our Center for Excellence alumnae receive mentoring, scholarships, tutoring, career advice and assistance applying to universities around the world through our Network for Excellence Program.

As our first cohort of Center for Excellence students entered high schools across Kenya in 2013, we knew we needed an empowering program to support our girls as they faced the new challenges of secondary school and beyond. To do this, we created the Network for Excellence (NFE). Through NFE’s wide range of programming, we not only equip our girls to succeed in high school and university, but we also maintain their connection to Kakenya’s Dream and the Center for Excellence’s current students.

The key components of the Network for Excellence are continued training, mentorship, scholarships. In our continued educational trainings, we focus on the variety of issues girls confront as high school students, such as leadership, college and career counseling, sexuality, peer pressure, and study techniques. The mentoring component of the program is twofold; the NFE girls are mentored by women in universities and the NFE girls in turn mentor the younger girls at the school. Finally, the costs of high school in Kenya strain many families and are simply impossible for some. We support our most needy alumnae with KCE scholarships and other forms of assistance.

With each new class of Center for Excellence alumnae, our Network for Excellence expands. In 2017, we are excited to celebrate the high school graduation of our first class of NFE alumnae, who will continue their education at universities around the world! Your support ensures we can continue this life-changing program. Click here to make your contribution today!