Agenda 2063


Have you heard about the African Union’s Agenda 2063?

Here are five things to know about it, and how it relates to Kakenya’s Dream:

The African Union Vision 2063 or Agenda 2063 was released in January 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It will serve as the African Union’s socioeconomic transformation framework for the next 50 years. The central purpose of the Agenda is to expand on previous declarations and initiatives for a more sustainable and efficient approach to the development of Africa.

What this means for us: Like the African Union, Kakenya’s Dream is expanding our reach. Our Dream Big Campaign will empower us to triple the number of girls we serve each year, impacting a whole generation of driven young women in our community.

Groundbreaking at KCE II 2018

Groundbreaking at KCE II 2018

Agenda 2063 is rooted in lessons from global and continental development, as well as modernisation and globalisation.

What this means for us: We are “going the last mile” by working in rural communities that are often left out of global development projects. Our girls are among the most marginalized; through our programming at KCE, these girls and communities are integrated in the global conversations and movements on FGM and reproductive rights.

Agenda 2063 includes 7 African Aspirations, each focusing on a unique element of Africa. These include values such as an inclusive prosperity, human rights, peace, strong cultural heritage, and leadership on the global stage..

What these mean for us: Like the AU, we have our own aspirations and dreams for our girls, our community, and the world. At Kakenya’s Center for Excellence, we invite family and community members to the school to engage and help teach the girls about Maasai culture. Here the girls learn traditional beading, music, and dance. Through empowerment designed trainings, as well as extracurricular activities like Model UN, our girls learn about human rights and how to advocate for themselves and others.

Girls at Model UN Conference in NYC in March 2018

Girls at Model UN Conference in NYC in March 2018

Unlike many declarations, Agenda 2063 emphasizes a bottom-up approach.

What this mean for us: What makes Kakenya’s Dream unique is our grassroots approach to the work we do. We are not a separate entity from the community, rather we are  centered in the Narok County, allowing us to become one with the community. Through current programs like our Health & Leadership Trainings, as well as past Quilting & Weaving programs with widows in our community, we are empowering and motivating our future leaders.

Last but not least, Agenda 2063 calls all African citizens and leaders to action on education and gender parity.

What this means for us: Agenda 2063’s stress on education and the removal of gender discrimination supports our mission of educating and empowering girls. At Kakenya’s Center for Excellence, our girls receive a holistic education, fostering to each individual's needs both in and outside of the classroom. Our girls are encouraged to speak up and ask questions and to feed their interests and hobbies. Through trainings and awareness days, they learn about FGM, reproductive rights, and gender inequality, gaining the knowledge to make their own choices regarding health and education.

2018 Anti-FGM Day

2018 Anti-FGM Day

To learn more about the Agenda, visit Agenda 2063.

Andrew Isaacs