AGE 9, GRADE 4 (2019)

Rahab was raised by her grandparents in a village called Osinoni. Rahab’s grandmother supports Rahab, her siblings, and three of her cousins by selling milk at the local marketplace. Prior to enrolling at KCE, Rahab was unable to attend school regularly because her grandparents struggled to pay school fees for Rahab and the other grandchildren in their care.

Rahab’s favorite part about being at KCE is the dorm living. Her grandparents’ home is far from KCE, so she's thankful to be able to live on campus and avoid walking many miles to and from school every day as she used to at her former school. She’s also thankful to receive support from KCE to relieve some of her grandparents’ financial burden. Rahab dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up so she can help others and support her loving grandparents.