AGE 13, GRADE 7 (2018)

Thirteen year old Rhoda is the daughter of farmers who struggle to support their family. When she’s home, she enjoys taking care of the chickens, but rarely finds time to study because of the many chores she is expected to complete. “I like it here at Kakenya Center for Excellence because we get time to study, even at night and the teachers are always present,” says Rhoda. Her career goal is to become a teacher.

When she isn’t studying, Rhoda loves to practice teaching. She helps teach other students from her class how to sing. Every Saturday evening, Rhoda joins other girls to practice songs they will sing during the Sunday church service in school.

Rhoda appreciates the new buildings and renovations that have been made on campus. She believes with a good learning environment, she and other girls will continue to perform well in their studies.