Mr. Bett

Mathematics Teacher

Mr. Bett joined KCE in 2010, watching the school grow from a small, iron-sheet building into a beautiful campus. In addition to teaching mathematics, he also coaches the volleyball team. He dreams that KCE will continue to expand, giving more girls access to quality education. 

Mr. Kipkorir

Science Teacher

Mr. Kipkorir began teaching science at KCE in 2013. He loves working with the youngest students in grades 4 and 5, telling them stories of the world around them from a scientific perspective. He also enjoys coaching the football team. Every evening, just before dinner, he meets the girls at the field to practice.

Mr. Okello

English Teacher

Mr. Okello joined KCE in 2015, where he teaches English and advises the school’s Journalism and Drama Clubs. He enjoys helping the girls learn both in and outside the classroom. His dream that every Maasai girl receives an education inspires him each day to do his best. 

Pastor James




Board Member



Guardian of Janet, Grade 8



Mother of Maria, Grade 6


Guardian of Everlyn, Grade 6