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AGE 14, GRADE 9 (2019)

Tracy was born and raised in a small village neighboring the KCE I campus. She has two sisters and one brother. Tracy has never travelled outside her village other than during school field trip opportunities at KCE, which she enjoys very much. She says that the field trips sparked a desire to travel more, and one day, she hopes to travel the world and experience many other cultures.

Before coming to KCE, Tracy attended a day school that was far from home. She had to walk a long distance every day to and from school, and her family struggled to pay the school fees. Sadly, her and other girls’ day-to-day learning was often interrupted at her old school when girls were asked to do chores like fetch water from a distant river during class for the other students and teachers.

Tracy says joining KCE was very exciting for her because her family is no longer burdened with school fees, and she is able to stay in class and learn, interruption-free. Tracy loves to write and read, and says she is happiest when immersed in a good book in the school library. Her favorite subject is English, and she aspires to be an author when she grows up.