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AGE 15, GRADE 10 (2019)

Vivian is a proud member of the pioneer class at Kakenya’s Dream’s second school, KCE II. Vivian comes from a single parent home and she has 8 siblings, 4 brothers and 4 sisters. 4 of her siblings are still in school, but unfortunately, financial hardship has prevented her family from supporting her other 4 siblings to complete their education.

Before coming to KCE, Vivian’s schooling was inconsistent. When her family was unable to pay for school fees, she was asked to leave for months or more at a time until her family had saved enough to pay the fees again. But since coming to KCE II, Vivian hasn’t had to worry about paying school fees, and she’s able to attend class every day.

Vivian says one of her biggest accomplishments since coming to KCE II was improving her grades in Swahili. She says she woke up one day and made herself the following promise: “As from today I’ve decided not to give up.” Keeping true to her promise, she began asking for extra help after school, and even took initiative to ask for extra assignments to improve her learning. Vivian’s hard work paid off, and now she’s getting straight A’s in every subject, Swahili included! Vivian says she is grateful for the dedicated teachers at KCE II, and their willingness to give personalized attention to her and her classmates when anyone needs extra help. Vivian wants to use her education to give back to her community one day. Her favorite subject is chemistry, and she says she aspires to attend “the best university in Australia” after high school.