Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Wendell Chambliss is the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Mission, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs (MLRA) Department. MLRA provides legal and strategic advice on a broad range of legislative and regulatory issues affecting Freddie Mac and the financial services industry.  In addition to a traditional legislative and regulatory practice, MLRA counsel on the unique challenges of operating a business in conservatorship, advise on mission-related requirements specifically applicable to the GSEs, provide governance support and obtain regulatory approvals for new corporate initiatives, and partner on risk management matters.

In addition, Wendell has served as the Executive Director of the Freddie Mac Foundation.

Before joining Freddie Mac in 1999, Wendell spent 10 years working on Capitol Hill serving members of both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives as legislative counsel and legislative director. He received both his B.A. and J.D. from Tulane University. Also, Wendell serves on a number of local non-profit organizations’ Boards of Directors.